Dr. Chinedu Okeke


My name is Dr. Chinedu Okeke and I am a health care professional who is passionate about healthy living and health promotion in the community. It is a pleasure to introduce myself as one of the inaugural staff of Akachi Primary and Urgent Care Facility.


I obtained my medical degree from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria (2002). After this I gained experience in general practice while working in Nigeria. In 2010, I took up employment in Trinidad and Tobago and worked in the emergency room for five years. My interest in research prompted me to attend a full-time Master’s in Epidemiology program at Maastricht University, Netherlands, between 2014 and 2015.


Following this, I returned to Trinidad to continue practicing in the emergency room from where I recently relocated to the United States (US) to join Akachi. While in the US, I have obtained a Certification in Infection Control and with this, I am also poised to be part of efforts to combat the plague of hospital acquired infections as well as disease outbreaks.

Nine years ago, I entered a monogamous union with a wonderful woman, Linda, we now have two adorable sons. When I’m not busy saving lives or doing research, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, traveling, reading and running.

With his opportunity, I am happy to render high quality health care services to the amiable residents of this Maryland city.


Chinedu Okeke