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Akachi Primary and Urgent Care

Primary Care Practice & Urgent Care located in Greenbelt, MD

COVID-19 is a frightening virus, but fortunately, there are reliable ways to detect and prevent it. At Akachi Primary and Urgent Care, Mercy Eseme-Efobi, DNP, FNP-BC, MSN, and Clement Efobi, PMHNP, MSN, MPH, lead a team that provides exceptional patient care in the Greenbelt, Maryland, office. If you need COVID-19 testing or a vaccine, call the office or use the online scheduling feature to set up your appointment now.

COVID-19 Q & A

How does COVID-19 testing work?

COVID-19 testing is a very simple procedure, and thanks to the on-site lab at Akachi Primary and Urgent Care, it's easier than ever. Most COVID-19 testing requires a quick swab in your nose or the back of your throat. 

Alternatively, some tests use saliva samples or other methods. The team then analyzes your sample in the on-site lab, which ensures fast and reliable results. 

When might I need COVID-19 testing?

There are a few different situations in which you might need COVID-19 testing, including: 


If you have COVID-19 symptoms, you need a test to confirm or rule out the virus.


If you're in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, you need a test. If you're fully vaccinated, wait 5-7 days after exposure. If you're not fully vaccinated, test immediately after your exposure. Should that test result be negative, repeat the test 5-7 days later (or immediately if you have new symptoms). 

High-risk activities

If you're unvaccinated and take part in a high-risk activity, including large indoor gatherings, travel, and spending time in crowded or poorly-ventilated areas, you should get tested. 


If you're vaccinated or unvaccinated, an official entity like your employer or a local health department may request proof of a negative COVID-19 test within a certain time frame. 

The Akachi Primary and Urgent Care team may also recommend COVID-19 testing at other times, for example, if they suspect you have an illness like bronchitis or pneumonia and they need to rule COVID-19 out as a cause of your issues.

What can I expect when I get the COVID-19 vaccine?

COVID-19 vaccination couldn’t be easier at Akachi Primary and Urgent Care. It’s a quick needle jab in the arm, which takes a matter of seconds. After your vaccination, the team explains any possible side effects. 

Most people have mild side effects, or none at all. You may feel sick for a day or two, and you may have a sore arm. These effects are normal, and they typically fade quickly. 

Akachi Primary and Urgent Care is here to help all of their patients be as healthy as possible — and in today’s world, COVID-19 testing and vaccinations are an important part of that goal. Book your appointment through the online scheduling link, or call the office for help today.